Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Warren Forrest, a former Clark County WA Parks Department employee, thought to have killed six to eight women with my sister Jamie Grisim/misspelled Grissim as his first victim. I'm still
searching for her remains.

He will get out of Washington State Penitentary in 2014 unless we can come up with more evidence to convict him on the six to eight murders that remain to be solved. He was convicted on one murder and one brutal attack in the 1970s.

Are there any witnesses out there with information regarding him. Someone has to know something. Does anyone remember my sister Jamie Grisim who attended Ft. Vancouver High school in 1971, and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

Does anyone know any of Warren Forrest's victims. Warren comes up for parole in just 2 years. I need help. All the victims families need help to keep this killer in prison. He will only be 60 years old in 2014, certainly capable of killing again.

Someone out there has to remember something or know something or know someone who knows something.

Please help. All these families wait for justice.
Jamie Grisim's sister,

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